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November 1, 2021
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November 1, 2021

There’s nothing like having a real taco to make your day. And by a real taco we mean, big flavors, big sizes, and the kind of authentic flavor you can only get from a real food truck Like Bro-Ritos. However, there are days where there’s no time to go visit your favorite truck or even to order take-out. That said, this doesn’t mean that you should have to skip on a great meal, after all, who’s to say you can’t make your tacos at home DIY style? That’s precisely what Bro-Ritos’ Taco Kit’s are offering, and you won’t want to miss out.

Since 2016 Bro-Ritos has been making waves all over New Jersey with their take on tacos and truck food. But now you’ll be able to enjoy their tacos in your own home, at your own pace; even if you don’t live in New Jersey. As each Bro-Ritos Taco Kit not only packs all the core essentials to make your DIY tacos but is also available for nationwide shipping. This means that wherever you live, you can now enjoy some classic Bro-Ritos Taco Tuesday action.

So what does each kit pack? Each $15 comes with:

  • A 3.5oz Red Salt Pack
  • 12 6-inch soft shell tortillas for tacos
  • A 4oz Taco Sauce

Taco Kits

Let’s try to unwrap what each item means and what this taco kit offers as a whole, shall we? These kits aren’t pre-made tacos nor are they in the style of ready meal kits that got popular some years ago. A Bro-Ritos Taco Kit leaves the filling to you and your tastes. This means these kits are perfect for any kind of taste and preference. You can make a vegan delicacy or do your meatiest taco. It’s your taco and it’s up to you.

The secret to these taco kits lies in the seasonings and ingredients, that is to say, that regardless of what you fill your taco with it will still taste and feel like a true New Jersey taco. One of the most important ingredients here is the Signature Red Salt. This is a Bro-Ritos original, and this seasoning is in large part responsible for the amazing flavor of their products. There’s a delicate balance of spice, smoke, sweetness, and heat in these salts. Just a touch of the Signature Red Salt is enough to add a complex flavor profile to any taco, and it will make a huge difference.

Soft Shell Tortillas

The soft shell tortillas are authentic Mexican flour tortillas, so you’ll be getting the best quality and flavor when using them for your next masterpiece. Of course then comes the taco sauce, which is once again a store specialty and ready to add even more flavor to your meal. It’s your taco and your rules, so it’s up to you to choose how much to use as well.

Contact Us

So if you want to enjoy authentic tacos from the comfort of your home feel free to contact Bro-Ritos and order your own Taco Kit today. Remember that they ship nationwide so you’ll be able to enjoy the flavors of New Jersey no matter where you live. Make sure to give us a call at (201) 403-9440. For more information about our taco kits make sure to visit



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