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November 1, 2021 broritosfoodtruck@gmail.com

An amazing story of success in unforeseen and prolonged struggle, this New Jersey based food truck who sells burritos and tacos, is founded by a young, up-and-coming black entrepreneur, who believed that despite the pandemic and the financial and economic challenges, we should move forward and cultivate skills necessary to progress a business. Marcus Crawford, along with his colleagues and business partners Jonathan Gibbs and Jarid Thomas, imaged that they need to come up with a concept that will keep their business afloat despite the closure of stores amidst the pandemic.

D-I-Y Taco

Pre-pandemic, their food truck business was doing great, serving signature burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more. With the success of the food truck, the ‘bros’ decided to open their store to compensate on seasons wherein they cannot serve and operate at the truck. Unknowingly, it came at an unfortunate time, as the outbreak of Covid-19 spread through America, and businesses where forced to shut down, leaving their store closed, without having it actually open. This did not hinder Marcus and his partners, as they released their unique and ambitious concept that will cater people who loves and craves tacos, who were currently stuck at home, the Bro-Ritos’ Taco Kit.

Their Taco Kit includes:

(1) 3.5oz Signature Bro-Ritos Red Salt Pack

– This amazing seasoning is a blend of secret spices that will create this smoky, spicy, and sweet taste that you can mix with your preferred protein like beef, pulled pork, chicken, turkey, or even shrimps. You can also mix this to non-meat filled tacos like black beans, tofu, or sweet peppers. However, tacos are not the only food that you can mix this seasoning, in most cases, you can mix this seasoning to any dish and taste that unique twist of a Bro-Ritos taco. You can select from either mild or hot to fit your ‘food mood’.

(12) 6 inch Soft Shell Taco Tortillas

Freshly made soft shell taco tortillas that are a perfect fit for your taco filling. They are air-sealed to keep moisture away and for it to last in storage. Microwave or pre-heat the shells in a pan for best taco experience.

(1) 4oz Taco Sauce

Another signature Bro-Ritos item is their popular Bro-Ritos Bro-Sauce. This secret mix of flavors boost your taco experience as the taste of smoky, spicy, sweet, and citrus will leave you wanting for more. It is best served on tacos with dry filling, or contains a lot of cheese and toppings. This will help smoothen then tacos, and create a better eating experience. You also have the choice of mild or hot, depending on your taco needs.

(1) Bro-Ritos Taco Kit Box

All the items above are stored in this wonderfully illustrated box that are full of details and history of Bro-Rito. It also features a short story on how the ‘Bros’ started the business and how they get to where they are today. Hopefully to inspire other black entrepreneurs to start their own business and having the passion to succeed in life.

Feel free to visit their website to check all their signature food as well as other Bro-Ritos Taco Kit options that can be shipped nationwide.


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